Voitlander Red Rascal "Red"

Red came to live with me at 6 months old and fitted in straight away. He is my first pedigreed GSD and was my first experience in the show ring and he gained multi class wins under specialist judges. I had great fun showing him, I had originally purchased him to do obedience but showing took over. He is now retired and now lives the life of luxury with my parents. Red has many nick names "The Gentle Giant" "Munster Mash" "Fred Red" "Red Rogue" "Matey" and will answer to all of them.

Red loves kids and is quite a protector of them and I think he has done the German Shepherd Dog name proud when I take him to parks where there is a lot of children. He loves my niece Aimee and my parent's next door neighbour Emma and loves for Emma to come over and visit him at the fence he will just sit with her and likes to lick her hand if given the opportunity. He also when friends visit with small children feels a great responsibility for them making sure they don't get into any trouble.
He is also a great watchdog and quite a thinker and knows the difference between a friend and a stranger and has funny ways of letting us know who he does and does not like. When friends visit he likes to put his head as close as possible without intruding in hope for a pat something his grandsire Rocko loved doing. Red likes his Kong toy and walks in the park. He is very affectionate and he is the type of dog that everybody loves. He is a very handsome boy as you can see and we all love him.


Voitlander Red Rascal

Sire : Kantenna Ablaze. Cl. 1. 'A''Z'
Multi Excellent (Show)

Dam : Voitlander Cindy Lauper. Cl. 1. 'A'Z'
Multi Excellent (Show)