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Albata Mica (Mica)
Mica 8 weeks in whelp  (first litter)
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Albata Xandra (Xandra)
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Show Results 2000

On the 23 - 25 th of June 2000, Mica was 22 Open, Excellent graded at the G.S.D.C.A.Inc. 28th National Show & Restricted Obedience Trial held in Queensland.
Critique: 3yrs 6mths. Incisor 1 upper right tipped but visible. Above medium size, medium strong, good feminine type, good withers, good backline, short croup, upper arm should be longer and better angled, very good hindquarter angulations, long feet, very good movement, the bitch should be overall better pigmented.
Judge: Her Humberdros. SV. (Germany)

On the 16th September 2000, Mica was awarded Vice Seigerin graded Excellent Merit at the Queensland State Breed Show


Sire: Ch *Hasenway Wild Knight. ET. Cl. 1. 'A' 'Z'
Australian Gold Medal winner 1995
Australian Sieger 1996
Multi Excellent Select. (Show)
Excellent Merit. (Show)
Multi Excellent. (Show)

Owners: Edwina & Peter Neal

Dam: *Albata Xanndra. Cl 1. 'A' 'Z'
Multi Excellent (Show)

Owners: Frank & Carla Aili.
Albata Kennels

On the 18th November 2000 Mica came 2nd Open Bitch graded Excellent at the New South Wales, Spring Fair Championship show.
Judge: Herr Albrecht Worner. SV. (Germany)

Critique: 4 years – above medium size medium strong typey bitch of good proportions high wither firm back slightly short croup balanced chest proportions good fore and very good hindquarter angulations stands correct in front steps straight front and rear. Very good movement with powerful drive and free reach.

On the 19th November 2000 Mica came 11th Open Bitch graded Excellent at the New South Wales, Spring Fair Championship show.
Judge: Herr Gunter Schweder. SV. (Germany)

Critique:4 years – large strong bitch of correct proportions where the pigment should be a little stronger high wither firm back correct length and lay of croup balanced chest proportions elbows not quite firm upper arm should be better angled very good angulations of the hindquarter steps narrow front and correct rear. Very powerful and dynamic gait.

Show Results 2002

On the 14th September 2002 Mica came 2nd Open Bitch graded Excellent Merit at the Queensland State Breed Exhibition. Judge: Mr. Vince Tantaro (Vic)

Mica's State Breed summary: The only other Excellent Merit graded bitch was Albata Mica, this bitch also is a producer and one that comes from producing bloodlines.
She has very good movement and is very typical of her bloodlines.

Critique: 3yrs 9 months. Broken central upper incisor. Large slightly stretched bitch, of very good type, very good topline, well moulded croup very good length, normal fore and under chest development, very good fore angulation, where the upper arm is very good length but slightly steep, stands correct in front, very good hind angulation, moves narrow going, elbows slightly loose, in movement shows powerful drive through firm back, very good reach.

Handled by Julie Hogan-Smith


Whelped 4/12/96

Excellent Merit (Show)
Multi Excellent (Show)

Mica (pronounced Micka) came to live with me when she was 14 months of age, she is owned in partnership with her breeders Frank & Carla Aili of Albata Kennels in North Queensland (Australia), phone number: (+61) 07- 47 777 453, Mica is Breed Surveyed Cl. 1. and as you can see from her pedigree she comes from a long line of successful Albata dogs. Albata Kennels are known for their success, including winning Breeders Group at the 1995 German Shepherd National. They are also known for producing dogs with beautiful type and movement.

Mica is quite full of herself, but also gentle, loving, ball & kong toy crazy, hose water crazy. Never get into a car with her unless you have earplugs. However, she is very quite at home, easy to live with and gives alot of love.

Mica was never shown as a youngster, but so far at major specialty shows in Intermediate and Open bitch show classes, she has never been out of the top half.

Some of Mica's show results:
Show Results 1998

On the 14/7/98 at 19 months old Mica was 3rd Intermidate Bitch graded Very Good at the Queensland Champ Show.
Critique: Large, very good type, medium strong, very good expression, good head, medium dark eyes, very good wither, firm back, steep croup, slightly steep upper arm, very good rear, stands correct, good underline, straight going, slightly loose elbows, very good gaiting.
Judge: F.Christensen. SV. (Norway)

On the 7/11/98 at 23 months old Mica was 4th Intermedate Bitch graded Very Good at the Queensland State Breed Exhibition.
Critique: Well above medium size, medium strong, correctly proportioned, very attractive feminine bitch, of good impression in stance. Expressive head, good eye colour, correct in front, very good fore and under chest development. Strong neck, high wither, strong back, croup is just a little short and steep, good shoulder blade angulation, upper arm should be longer and is just slightly steep. Very good balance of upper to lower thigh ratio, very good width of thigh. Presented in very good condition. Steps correct in rear, elbows should be firmer, could be just slightly freer in reach, strong hindquarter thrust with a firm overline.
Judge: Fran Farley (Australia)

On the 22/11/98 at 23 months old Mica was 3rd Intermediate Bitch, graded Very Good at the New South Wales, Spring Fair Show. Judge: H. Konig. SV. (Germany)

On the 29/11/98 at 23 months old Mica was 1st Intermediate Bitch & RUBOB at the CCC Show Queensland. Judge: R. Bonello (Australia)

Show Results 1999

On the 18/7/99 at 2½ years old Mica was 7th Open, Excellent graded at the Queensland Champ Show.
Critique: Medium size, medium strong, feminine expression, nice topline, well laid croup of good length, upper arm could have slightly better lay, good underline, very good hindquarter angulation, nearly correct front. Correct going, narrow coming. Very roomy gait, strong drive, good forearm reach.
Part On the pegs critique “Very good moving bitch”, very athletic, firm & dry. Very easy going (movement) Judge: P. Van Oirschot. SV. (Netherlands)